Bar Parlour

East west, home’s best -
but for that matter, to be in the inn is even better

Cosiness is of particular importance for us. Our wood panneled guest room accommodates up to 60 people. Natural maple tables from the 1930ies and photos of our ancestors on the walls remind of the long maintained family tradition (since 1658!) and give our snuggery a homelike atmosphere – Get-together like in the olden days.

In the „Verschlag“ - the "V.I.P." table of our ancestors - even in the former days very often a morning pint has become a dawn pint. The byname "Affenkasten" (monkey box) presumably developed from the fact that the time-honored gentlemen took home a considerable intoxication every once in a while. The way they walked explains the metaphorical analogy with a monkey.

Our inn ranks among the 50 most beautiful listed restaurants throughout Bavaria –pursuant to „Genuss mit Geschichte“. Referring to Schmid Max - a Bavarian TV host- ("Freizeit", Bayrisches Fernsehen) we are even in the top five.

If our guest room rings a bell for you, our snuggery can be admired in TV once in a while, lastly as film set in 2012 for German public TV:"Die Verführerin Adele Spitzeder” – Birgit Minichmayr als Adele Spitzeder (Regie: Xaver Schwarzenberger) movie ARD/ORF.

link to the photos of the shooting