Menu suggestions

What woul the most beautiful feast without the appropriate meal? Whether high quality at a low price or an exclusive dinner… we form a concept for your feast matching to your ideas and your pocket. Whether pork, venison, beef, fish, poultry, vegetarian…

On the Rehearsal Dinner (ca. 4 weeks before the booked event) you can assure yourself of the quality of our food. To ensure quality as ultimate goal, we only use local farm-fresh produce- without any flavor enhancers or preservative agents.

Our menu suggestions only provide a small cutout of our repertoire, we are also happy to advise you individually.


Menu 1

Beef broth with strips of vegetable, semolina dumpling and fried liver dumpling

Mixed roast (pork and calf) with two sauces, potato dumpling and salad

Bavarois with raspberry sauce

Price per person 19,90 €


Menu 2

Bavarian goat´s cream cheese gratiné with salad

Pork tenderloin filled with veal sausage meat, mild mustard sauce, pretzel dumplings and caramelized carotts

Wheatbeer- tiramisu with bottled fruits of the season

Price per person 26,60 €


Menu 3

Roasted bell peppers, aubergines - Tomato, Mozzarella – parma ham with iced melon

Mediterranean rolled roast from the suckling pig with honey – thyme – sauce, roasted dumplings in a napkin and seasonal vegetables

Mango sorbet, chocolate mousse, fruits of the season

Price per person 28,90 €


Menu 4

Bread dumpling „carpaccio“ with salad

Pink roasted duck breast with potato gratin and pumpkin vegetablesr

Creme brulée with bottled sweet plums

Price per person 29,90 €


Menu 5

Salad of the season with wild herbs and fried mushrooms

Pink roasted wild boar’s back with „common or garden“ sauce, rosemary dumplings and beans with bacon

Amarettini-crumb-tiramisu in the glass with wild berries

Price per person 29,90 €

Menu 6

Horse radish Panna cotta with celery, beetroot and lamb’s lettuce

Boéuf à la mode ( marinated pot roast ) with home made swabian hazelnut-noodles

„Kaiserschmarrn“ sugared pancake with cherry compote

Price per person 23,90 €