Group offers

We are happy about every guest we can welcome in our house. Wir freuen uns über jeden Gast, den wir in unserem Haus begrüßen dürfen. However, especially for larger groups (10 persons and more) it makes sense, not only to have a seat reserved, but also to order your meal in advance. In the majority of the cases you forecast a stay with more than 10 persons. And if you ask us terribly nice ( Lächelnd), we do not mind to open our doors for you even outside business hours.

Groups numbering 30 and more get one drink and one meal for free - for either the bus driver or the tour guide. Groups numbering 50 and more, both - bus driver and tour guide- eat and drink for free.

Menu to download

If you can choose one dish for all, that would suit us best :-)

As it makes work easier for us, you get your meal faster and also a little bit cheaper. Pre-order ideally one week ahead. Call us under +499404 2112

Cold platter

Diverse tidbits of our butcher Dollmann, small glass of cured meat in gelatine, choice of cheese, Bavarian cheese spread, radishes, pockled gherkin, onions, butter and an basket of bread, also included one beer 0,5l or beverage 0,5l
Price per person 12,50 €

Roast pork with potato dumpling

roast pork from the wood stove with 250 g potato dumpling and sauerkraut
Price per person 8,50 €


Even if Franconians and the rest of Bavaria always argue about their regional origin (Franconia not always used to be Bavarian), their food is very popular in the Upper Palatinate too. Best example is the "Schäuferl".

“Schäuferl” roast pork with crackling from the shoulder with potato dumpling and sauerkraut
Price per person 9,50 €


Weißwürst (veal sausages) are a typical Bavarian food, served with a pretzel and mild mustard. You eat them without cutlery, just with your hands – and most important- before noon. Thereto you drink traditionally a wheat beer.

We recommend one pair of Weißwürst, pretzel and a beer 0,5l or a beverage 0,5l
Price per person 8,00 €

Goose feast (from 01.09.-06.01)

One portion of goose with potato dumpling, red cabbage with apples Eine Portion Gans mit Reiberknödel und Apfel-Blaukraut und supplement of meal accompaniments as much as you want
for groups of 6 or more served on the whole
Price per person 17,00 €

Group offers for beverages

If you have chosen one of the above-mentioned dishes, you can also book a matching digestiv.

1 schnaps for everybody (fruit, williams pear, plum, cherry schnaps) price per person 2,00 €

Coffee for everybody (cup of coffee, Espresso, Cappucino) price per person 2,00 €

Also ask us about our tasty starters and desserts. We will help you willingly to compose a course menu according to your wishes and your pocket.