Hunters and gatherers

Our restaurant is in possession of the Röhrl family since 1658. Not only the passion for hunting runs in our total family ever since, but they are also keen collectors. Consequently 10 generations before ourselves accumulated exibits en masse – most of them are more or less of historic significance, but by all means well worth seeing.

Paul Röhrl (the father of the innkeeper) shows you round the first floor of our beautiful restaurant – with plenty love to the family tradition and numerous anecdotes up his sleeve. From family tree, across old tools from the brewery and farming, to our guest rooms, built in 1902, you can experience our history.

The tour takes - depending on interest and time you want to spend - from 15 minutes to 1, 5 hours. It can be arranged all-the-year after consultation with us. Just call 09404-2112

If you visit us spontaneously, you have to reckon with less eligible guides like the innkeepers Lächelnd

On grounds of little room the tour is limited on 20 persons at most.