About Us

" Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire. " Gustav Mahler


Dear guests,

we are very happy, that you found your way to us and our homepage. We, Karin and Muk, are restaurateurs with heart and soul, meanwhile in the eleventh generation.

We love our occupation, our house and - naturally- our guests. Who would nout terribly much like to work and live in such a history – charged ambiance….

Our motivation: We love this old house and would give our right arm to preserve this beautiful piece of contemporary history. And, to be honest, it really would be sad, if just our generation would miscarry of this project.

Besides our well-grounded training as cook (Muk) and restaurant specialist (Karin) we are continuously striving to improve ourselves, our – by the way, excellent - team and also the quality of our food and beverages. In the long term, it is our goal to get one of the best addresses in Regensburg and the whole region and to maintain this position. With this end in view, we constantly attend seminars of the IHK, tourism academy etc. to improve our work quality for our guests.

Since 2006 we have come a long way:
Competitions and awards

2010 Bronze medal "Bavarian cooking"

2010 Ser Guido Gottwald Silver medal
       (Radio Charivari - a local radio channel "So schmeckt's")

2010 Guinness Book of World Records “Oldest restaurant in the World”

2011 Service Q Germany: Training as „quality coach“

2011 Gault Millau Bavaria 2011/2012

2012 GMP (Gastro Management Pass)

Publications in books and TV

Our inn ranks among the 50 most beautiful listed restaurants throughout Bavaria –pursuant to „Genuss mit Geschichte“. Referring to Schmid Max - a Bavarian TV host- ("Freizeit", Bayrisches Fernsehen) we are even in the top five.

Link to Book publications

The entry in the Guiness Book of World Records did not only bring in headlines and articles in several news papers ( e.g. the BILD can be compared with The Sun in Great Brritain), but there also exist a lot of TV reports

You can take a look on our Röhrl TV channel on youtube (LINK)

If our guest room rings a bell for you, our snuggery can be admired in TV once in a while, lastly as film set in 2012 for German public TV:"Die Verführerin Adele Spitzeder” – Birgit Minichmayr als Adele Spitzeder (Regie: Xaver Schwarzenberger) movie ARD/ORF.


Certainly we are not perfect, quite the opposite, there is still a lot to do. So just help us to improve ourselves and our team. We are happy to be received with every criticism, whether positive or negative. And in the meantime, come back and bring friends with you….


Karin und Muk Röhrl

Das älteste Wirtshaus der Welt